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Router Based VPN

Auto Incoming Sim2Sim Or Gw2Gw Call Limit for each Client
Port Wise ASR ACD Calclulation Robust AI
Max Duration for each Port Provide Favorite number list
Call Limit User Define Call Intervel 
Dynamic Black List Channel Binding for Each Number
Dynamic White List Number Length Control


Reseller  V 2 Way ip Security for Wholesale
PIN to PIN Balance Transfer Call Limit for each Client
Callshop with Easy Booth Management Protect SQL injection
Url Optimized Block Multiple Error Login  
Faster Reporting on Hourly , Daily, Monthly Unused PIN Checking
Each login detail record with the ip addresse  


•    No Port Blocking issues
•    Reboot  server form web
•    Reload service form web  
•    Protect SQL injection
•    Url Optimized
•    Faster Reporting on Hourly , Daily, Monthly
•    Each login detail record with the ip addresses



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